Introducing Choom Retail

Choom Retail Stores will create a modern and enjoyable experience for consumers who currently partake in cannabis, as well as the “curious consumers” interested in experiencing cannabis for the first time.

From prohibition to promise, opportunity abounds in this new market

Say Hello to Potential

  • Recreational Cannabis is about to be legalized for the first time since 1923.
  • In the summer of 2018, a whole new retail landscape opens up.
  • Now is your chance to invest.

In 2015, it is estimated that Canadians already spent $6.2 Billion on cannabis, almost on par with the Wine Market

Cultivating Good Times With Good Friends

Choom is a brand created exclusively for the recreational market on the core value of cultivating a great experience for the consumer.

Choom retail stores are designed with a clean and modern mindset to make you feel at home.

We hired the design team responsible for some of the most recognized retail brands to bring the Choom Vibe to life. 

Open Your Own Choom Store

Aloha! We are looking for good people

With prohibition on Marijuana ending, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you  to enter a potential Multi-Billion Dollar industry.  Marijuana dispensaries in legalized states in the US make more per square foot than Whole Foods, and you can get in on the ground floor in the Canadian Market.

The Choom Retail Partner Program is looking for good partners to open their own Choom Retail Store. Partnering with Choom has its advantages:

  World Class Brand

Partner with a world class brand built exclusively
for the recreational cannabis market

  You’re With Friends

The Choom Partner Program allows you to open your own Retail Dispensary
with support and access to the expertise and partnerships of Choom

  Say Hello To Style

We hired the design team responsible for some of the most
recognized retail environments around to bring the Choom™ Vibe to life

Yes! I’m Interested In Opening My Own Choom Retail Store